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eQMS::LIMS is a flexible, cross industry laboratory information management system that streamlines processes and data flows throughout an analytical, research or quality assurance laboratories across various industries.

Pardus' LIMS software unifies diverse biological, chemical or physical data collected across laboratories into a central LIMS repository. Assignments, data and job queues are presented through an Internet browser interface; hence any personal computer or device equipped with Internet explorer can readily access LIMS system.

eQMS::LIMS automates overall analytical processes - from sample reception to analytical report, certificate and statistics reports. Pardus' LIMS system provides mechanisms to predefine standard operating procedures depending on sample type (analytical parameters), purpose of an analysis, sample owner or location etc, still allowing controlled and traceable modification of procedures thus fitting well into both routine and one-of environments.

Data collected through eQMS::LIMS are accessible using comprehensive query facility - all analytical data are available in XML format or can be exported in XLS format for further analysis.

eQMS::LIMS is a role based LIMS software (RBAC - Role Based Access Control) where organization and organizational roles are mapped into the system. Depending on the user's role, access to the LIMS data and LIMS functions are defined. Pardus' LIMS system implements audit trail functionality thus allowing the organization to check what was changed, when, where, why, and by whom.

Pardus' LIMS key characteristics are:

  • Covers entire laboratory workflow
  • Provides complete traceability of every sample
  • Reduces the quantity of clerical and administration work
  • Provide flexible reporting functionality
  • Provide consistent, efficient and comfortable user interface (with lookups, query-by-example searches, user defined perspectives etc)
  • User defined taxonomy
  • Enables seamless integration with other systems (web services, XML, SOA)
  • True thin client LIMS software
  • Standards based LIMS (21 CFR Part 11, ISO 17025)
  • LIMS with intuitive and rich GUI (web 2.0 - rich internet application)
  • Fast learning curve LIMS system
  • Quick implementation LIMS system
  • Server installation only, no client-side software required
  • Pardus LIMS system provides flexible organizational framework
  • Scalable technology LIMS
  • Users can take full control of the LIMS
  • LIMS is deployable across entire enterprise
  • External users can register samples into LIMS, check status and obtain results over the Internet either directly or through company Internet or intranet portal

eQMS::LIMS can be also used as an electronic laboratory notebook or ELN as it provides mechanisms for recording and sharing information captured from disparate sources including instrumental, graphical and statistical data, office automation formats (doc, ppt, xls etc), voice, pictures etc. Pardus' LIMS enables lab personnel to securely capture and store all knowledge and procedures making all captured information readily available for further references.

eQMS::LIMS interfaces to document management system of choice (such as Alfresco, Sharepoint, KnowladgeTree or Docuware for example) introducing new LIMS functionalities and implementing scientific data management system (SDMS). eQMS::LIMS SDMS enables organizations to collect data from virtually any data source providing laboratories with single, seamless access point to all laboratory data. Pardus' scientific data management system enables organizations to implement true paperless laboratories and introduce electronic management of lab's data and reports thus providing all required functionalities for secure management of all laboratory data and documents.

Thanks to eQMS::LIMS software and system architecture various LIMS functions and LIMS data can be accessed through diverse communication channels such as PDAs and mobile phones thus offering a platform for implementation of rapid alerting or critical control point monitoring applications in HACCP environments. Pardus' LIMS will also find its place in highly regulated environments and those that need to follow certain regulations such as RoHS / WEEE directive.

eQMS::LIMS is cross industry LIMS implemented in various environments such as public health institutes (PHI), oil & gas industry, pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry, water bottling, environmental monitoring (EM) and CSI forensic laboratories.

Food industry is affected by EU Directive 178/2002 that requires that all food sold and manufactured in the EU be safe and fully traceable from "farm to fork" - food industry laboratories and eQMS::LIMS becomes vital instruments securing traceability, instant auditability and mechanisms for timely and precise product recall in case of an incident. eQMS::LIMS can be coupled with eQMS:DNA thus providing reliable and efficient tool for meat and vegetable traceability based on DNA enabling tracing of animal and vegetable food products through the supply chain back to the source.

For each of these environments, Pardus' LIMS system comes with predefined sets of sample types and analytical procedures thus enabling much faster LIMS implementation.

When eQMS::LIMS is deployed as forensic LIMS or forensic case management system it can be paired with Pardus' DNA fingerprinting / DNA typing software eQMS::DNA.

eQMS::LIMS is fully web based thin client LIMS build on open and WEB 2.0 architecture. Pardus' LIMS system is using industry standards (SQL 99, Java Enterprise Edition specification etc) enabling it to run on a range of software and hardware platforms IBM WebSphere, JBoss, PostgreSQL, Informix, Oracle RDBMS etc) thus allowing organizations to choose optimal LIMS platform for their environments. Thanks to its architecture adding new LIMS clients / workstations is an easy task as there is no need for installing and configuring an application on local user machines.

For more information and enquiries about Pardus' LIMS and Pardus' DNA software and services drop us an email at info@pardus.hr.

Read Customer Story about eQMS::LIMS usage published as part of IBM Smarter Planet initiative... [pdf]

Exporting food and food related products to EU? Concerned with food safety issues? Challenged with increasing pressure on the food industry? Then you definitively need eQMS::LIMS to ensure product compliance with increasingly complex and stringent EU legislative and regulations. Pardus' LIMS is off-the-shelf LIMS with built-in food related regulatory knowledge base.

eQMS::LIMS is true thin client LIMS requiering no software to be installed on the workstations. eQMS::LIMS is insalled on server only thus enabling much easier and faster installation and keeping maintenance cost low.

Pardus is providing its clients with complete end-to-end services delivering know-how and software that ensures product regulatory compliance and thus avoiding unnecessary and costly food related scares.

Pardus' LIMS enables laboratories to enforce standard and legislative compliance, introduces process security, sample traceability, promote enterprise wide collaboration and provides mechanisms for instant auditing.

LIMS software is essential and indispensable to any contemporary laboratory - small or large - as it increase laboratory efficiency, productivity and throughput and lower the cost per sample analyzed.

Pardus' LIMS labware is an universal LIMS applicable in various organizations such as public health institutes (PHI), food and beverage, petrochemical, process chemical, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry for example.

eQMS::LIMS is completely web based LIMS / Internet based LIMS build on SOA paradigm providing mechanisms for integration with other systems via web services. No installation on client workstation is required.

Laboratory clients can place work orders and monitor progress from any location in the world via Pardus' LIMS.

eQMS::LIMS is ISO 17025 ready LIMS and can be used as an effective platform to accelerate laboratory accreditation and simplify day-to-day tasks of maintaining compliance with the standard.

eQMS::LIMS can be configured and deployed as Analytical Services LIMS, Quality Management LIMS,Research and Development LIMS, Forensic LIMS or Environmental monitoring LIMS for example. For any of possible applications Pardus is offering blend of software and services helping our customers to meet their business objectives.

eQMS::LIMS offers both LIMS and ELN (electronic laboratory notebook) functionality in one integrated product.

eQMS::LIMS is vital instrument in food industry laboratories enabling implementation and compliance with EU Directive 178/2002.

Vidi e-novation 2007 evaluation committee awarded Pardus with two special acknowledgements one for universal, cross industry LIMS (laboratory information management system) eQMS::LIMS and another for leading forensic DNA typing and maintenance system eQMS::DNA.